Nonstop work!

by cindyhulej

Rent hikes..more to come I’m sure..

Catching up on posting. Really has been crazy with everything going on lately- my boyfriend moved in, I worked two tattoo conventions with Paul and the guys and have had a ton of custom work to do and still catching up on all the rest of the time at the shop, ending up having to work from home as well. 

Some update photos and fun things..

Most recently more cathedral work which I’ll be finally finishing very soon. 


Did all the wiring on it yesterday, made the nut,  inlayed the truss rod cover down into the headstock, and made special mounting ring substitutes out of copper from the rear since it’s rear routed(something Kel has only done). Very exciting to be coming up on completion of this one!

I got a Kustom ’66 (2006) Dart for my bench.

 What else?

I’m finishing up Carlo’s custom job- nearly done but here’s a photo of it so far. Never thought I’d do a job with so many random things, been a challenge trying to make it work.  


Finished Giampaolo’s pickguard, working on the whole back of his T now, burning a NYC theme on it. 


Also starting a new painting.   
I’ll post some more when I get the body for Giampaolo going strong and get some other photos together. My good friend Paola gave me a very nice camera so I’ll be getting a proper website and all going very soon.